GPS Detector & Radar

The principle of the GPS radar detector is very simple, that is, after receiving the radar signal, it immediately alarms and prompts the owner to slow down. GPS radar detector combo are loved by many car owners.

ShenZhen Maction Technology Co.,Ltd., provides the high end gps radar detector. High-end radar detector with gps navigation can sense radar waves about one kilometer. If the sensing range of the gps radar detector combo is too close, the car owner has no time to slow down, and it has been photographed; if the speed is too fast, a rear-end collision may easily occur.

The GPS radar detector can also set the alarm advance amount by itself. If the car is not speeding at the time, it can not give an alarm to save trouble. Radar detector with gps navigation can also remind the owner of the speed limit on the road section and whether it is speeding.

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